Week 5 blog post.

Don’t we all want to have a clean world ? because if you harm the enviroment your just harming your self it is one big circuit. if you chop down trees your harming yourself by reducing oxygen for you your family and the world.

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If you want to reduce waste here are some things you can do

. walk more than drive

. if you see rubbish floating around please pick it up

. try not to order thing with so much packiging

. get sola panils

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I think that 5. is the most helpful because it explains why it was good and what was good.


Number 2. is the second most helpful because it explains that Terry found the video useful because it help him get involved.


I think number 3. is the third useful because you can tell Hanna understands but she wants to borrow his giver i dont think thats okay.


I think 8. is the next in the line its not helpful but good grammer.


I think 3. is next it says nonsinse but all the nouns start with capital letters.


Next is number 6. it is not great but it startes with Dear.


After that it is 7. atleast it is nice but it doesent even start with Dear


Last but not least 1. it dose not make sense



Country of focus:Week 6 Cambodia

What continent is Cambodia in?


Cambodia is in the continent Asia



What is the capital city?

Phnom Penh


What is the population?

16.01 million



What is the national language? Is there more than one?

There is only one national language which is Khmer



What is the currency?

Cambodian riel



What is one connection Cambodia has with Australia?

 Australia established diplomatic relations with Cambodia in 1952




What is one interesting fact about Cambodia?

Angkor wat is the national symbol of Cambodia





  1. List all countries that share a border with Cambodia including their location.

Vietnam to the east, Laos in the northeast, Thailand.


200 Word challenge. The lost girl


” SHADOW ”Kira yelled ” COME ON I AM LOST AND IT IS STARTING TO SNOW” Kira ran as fast as she could and suddenly Shadow, her pet dog came running back to her ”Shadow I thought I’d lost you, never run away again because now I’m lost and we are in a snow storm!” but then there was this noise coming from the distance, it sounded like a spooky ghost the noise came closer ”WOLVES” she shouted. All at once she sprinted as fast as she could but she kept getting stuck as she ran through the thick, deep, snow.

Finally, they slowed since the noise had disappear. The wolves disappeared too ”Shadow look some pieces of bark let’s make a shelter with it” ‘he puffed. So Kira collected the bark and sticks and made a small little shelter for Shadow and her, however she saw a small house far, in the distance, it was her house. Kira ran as fast a possible then she tripped and twisted her ankle she was crying so much but she didn’t care she ran until she could hear her mum’s voice yelling ”KIRA COME BACK” ”mum mum I’m home I love you so much’’